What's the Difference between the Hyundai Santa Fe, Tucson, and Kona?

If you're on the market for a new SUV in Leesburg, then Hyundai has some of the best options available. The always impressive Hyundai SUV lineup consists of the Hyundai Tucson, Santa Fe, and Kona. Each vehicle offers a totally different driving experience from the power of their engines to the stylistic choices. You should buy an SUV depending on your preferences, so we at Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg want to educate you on all the differences between these excellent SUVs.


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What Cars Have Hyundai Blue Link®?

Hyundai Blue Link is an innovative system that lets you manage a variety of different features right from your phone. Functionality varies by vehicle, but with Blue Link you can do anything from schedule maintenance to remotely start your car and turn on the AC. Having a connected car near Leesburg is a helpful tool that makes life a little more convenient and puts your mind at ease. Explore all the Blue Link available models at Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg today.


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What is Hyundai Blue Link®?

Technology's rushing headlong into a bright future. As a result, the driving experience is becoming a seamless blend of cutting-edge capabilities that extend well beyond merely heading from point A to point B. Some aspects of the ride, you could only enjoy from the driver's seat or compartment. Others were yet unthinkable. But today, many features have come together in a way that revolutionizes it all. Hyundai Blue Link is just such a comprehensive suite. But what comprises it? The answer to that might suggest a lot to process. However, we at Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg have made…

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New Hyundai Models Offer You the Latest in Autonomous Safety Systems

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When you lease or buy your new Hyundai vehicle from Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg, you can be confident that the vehicle you’re driving will do just as much to watch your back on the roads of Clermont as you do. New Hyundai models are built with the highest level of care for the people who will drive them, and you can enjoy the security of advanced safety features that we offer on every new Hyundai sedan, hatchback and SUV. When you hit the roads of Lady Lake in your 2018 Hyundai model, you can drive confidently knowing the quality…

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New Hyundai Models Use Blue Link Technology to Give You the Easiest and Most Convenient Ownership Experience Ever

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Hyundai Blue Link Connected Car Service is the ace of the sleeve of the new Hyundai vehicles you’ll find at Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg. The service is offered on most new 2018 Hyundai models, and offers connected ownership and control of your Hyundai sedan or SUV through an intuitive smartphone app. Enjoy enticing features and capabilities for remote start with climate control to get your air conditioning running before you walk out into the summer heat of Clermont, or remote locking functions to eliminate the guesswork that comes with trying to remember if you locked your car. 
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Your tax refund can go a long way toward a new vehicle

If you're in the market for a new sedan, truck or SUV, this is a great time to buy. That's because you may be one of the millions of Americans that will receive a tax refund in the next few months. Think about all the things you can buy with your refund like furniture or electronics or maybe a vacation. That vacation will end and what will you be left with? Electronics are obsolete as soon as you buy them and furniture, well that's not really that exciting. A new car is a great option. With the…

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Hyundai is developing new technology for 2018

2018 Hyundai models are arriving and the technology in our new model year is making them safer and more fun to drive.

Hyundai is developing new driving technology like Autonomous emergency braking to protect drivers by automatically stopping the vehicle in an emergency and Advanced traction cornering control to improve agility at higher speeds. The HTRAC system automatically distributes braking power and traction between all four wheels as the road conditions warrant giving you the confidence to drive in any conditions.


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Hyundai updates make 2018 models tough to beat

As we inch closer to 2018, Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg is getting excited about our vehicle lineup and the updates we can show you.

The Accent gets a larger wheelbase and a new 1.6-liter inline four-cylinder engine that has an impressive 130 horsepower and 119 pound-feet of torque on its slender frame. The Elantra GT sports a 2.0-liter engine with a six-speed manual transmission and an available automatic. The Ionique plug-in hybrid joins the current electric and hybrid options from last year.


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Take a Look at Our Current Service Specials Here at Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg!

With the plethora of different services that are essential for your vehicle, sometimes it may be hard to keep up with what exactly your car needs and when you should get them done. At Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg in Leesburg, FL, we have a full service center that can develop you a maintenance schedule that is right for you. We can perform the necessary services like your regular oil changes to a brake inspection, all right here at our location...

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Care for Your Car by Washing it and Keeping Up with Maintenance

At Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg in Leesburg, FL, we know how important it is to keep up with the service maintenance on your vehicle, but there is another kind of maintenance that is significant as well. Keeping your car clean may be more important than you realize. Not only will it look nicer, but it will also ward off the dreaded rust problem that is known to eat away at cars' bodies until they are ruined. By simply getting your car washed every two weeks or so, you can avoid dirt build up which will prevent paint damage...

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