This is the Perfect Time of Year to Have Your Hyundai Serviced

Hyundai cars and SUVs are well-built, finely-tuned automotive wonders. However, if you -- like us -- want to keep your vehicle in prime operating condition for as long as possible, you need to stay on top of your routine maintenance and service. One easy way to remember to have your Hyundai cared for is to time your annual service check for the holidays. While it may seem like it takes away from your time with family, this is an ideal time to visit our Service Center -- since others are preoccupied with shopping and holiday parties.

These are a few of the services we recommend having done on an annual basis; of course, some, like oil changes, should be done as needed.

  • Oil change. Check your owner's manual for a schedule designed for your Hyundai, but typically Hyundai models need an oil change every six months or 3,700 miles. Having this done at the beginning of summer and then at the holidays is a good way to stay on top of this vital service. Make sure that all other essential fluids are checked and topped off while the technician is under the hood.
  • Tire rotation. Depending on how much you drive, you may want to have this done every 5,000-7,500 miles to make sure that they wear evenly.
  • Inspect the air cleaner filter. This needs to be done yearly, in order to protect your engine's operation and ensure ideal fuel efficiency.
  • Change your fuel filter. Replacing this filter keeps debris from building up, reducing the change that the pump will fail early.
  • Replace the climate control air filter. Keep your interior smelling fresh and pleasant, as well as limiting any irritants, by changing this out once a year.

At Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg, we're proud to deliver top-notch service and repairs to our friends and neighbors from the Clermont, The Villages, Lady Lake, and Orlando areas. We invite you to contact our Service Center and schedule your appointment for a date and time most convenient for you.

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