How Much Can a Hyundai SUV Tow?

Here in central Florida, adventure's everywhere, from the attractions of greater Orlando to the parks and off-road tours down in Clermont, the natural getaways around Lake Sumter up in The Villages, to the golf venues and country clubs just around the corner in Lady Lake.

So, if you're shopping for a new SUV, it's likely that you've got one feature near if not at the top of your list: the towing and hauling abilities to see it all with a vacation worth of gear along for the ride. So, which Hyundai SUVs can tow, and what can they shoulder? It's a question we get asked a lot here at Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg. In fact, there's an option for every excursion.

A space-efficient compact crossover is the right choice for small trailering on a day trip. Hyundai Tucson is up to that charge. Equip it with proper trailer brakes, and you can hitch up anywhere from 1,000 to up to 1,500 pounds. Plus, it can take on payloads up to 1,098 pounds -- great for a small SUV -- owing to a 133.2-total-cubic-foot cabin that you can configure for up to 61.9 cubic feet of cargo.

Going a little further? A new Hyundai Santa Fe can take on small trailerfuls up to 1,650 pounds on your weekend getaway -- enough for that tent camper you've been planning to pop up. Install the right braking equipment, and its rating rises to 2,000 to 3,500 pounds, depending on the trim you choose. But let's not forget cargo -- you can fill the compact SUV's 71.3 cubic feet, and it's still roomy for passengers at 110.7.

But if you're looking for muscle, you'll want to go mid-size, and that's where the new Hyundai Santa Fe XL comes in. Its max towing capacity is a whopping 5,000 pounds, enough for anything from a fishing boat or a couple of jet skis to a camping trailer or even a second car, and with a massive 160.1 cubic feet of total interior space, you can easily load up on up to 80.0 cubic feet worth of luggage and ship out.

If you've got questions about what else you can expect in a new Hyundai SUV, or if you'd just like to try one on for size, give us a call or stop by 9145 US Highway 441 here in Leesburg. We'll be glad to schedule a test drive to show you what a pro hauler can do!

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