New Hyundai Models Use Blue Link Technology to Give You the Easiest and Most Convenient Ownership Experience Ever

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Hyundai Blue Link Puts You in Complete Control of Your Vehicle from the Convenience of Your Mobile Devices

Hyundai Blue Link Connected Car Service is the ace of the sleeve of the new Hyundai vehicles you’ll find at Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg. The Blue Link service is offered on most new Hyundai models after 2018, and offers connected ownership and control of your Hyundai sedan or SUV through an intuitive and effective smartphone app. Enjoy enticing features and capabilities for remote start with climate control to get your air conditioning running before you walk out into the summer heat of Clermont, or remote locking functions to eliminate the guesswork that comes with trying to remember if you locked your car. The Hyundai Blue Link service is offered for three-years of complimentary service when you purchase or lease your Hyundai vehicle from Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg, learn about the excitement of Hyundai Blue Link today!

Enjoy the Simplicity of Controlling Your Vehicle from Inside Your Home or Office with Hyundai Blue Link Connectivity

The Hyundai Blue Link Connected Car Service puts you in complete control of the environment inside your vehicle without having to step outside the comfort of your home or office in Lady Lake. Not only can drivers from Orlando start and warm up or cool down your Hyundai vehicle from the convenience of your mobile device, you can also run a monthly vehicle health report, or schedule a service checkup at Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg.

The Hyundai Blue Link service also offers drivers from The Villages valuable peace of mind, with SOS emergency services that can detect a collision and check on your status while dispatching first responders to your location. You can also use the remote functions of the Hyundai Blue Link app to find your car in crowded parking lots, eliminating the guesswork of remembering where you parked.

Hyundai Blue Link is the future of modern vehicle ownership, and you can experience it on our new Hyundai models in Leesburg, FL. Visit Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg today to discover the excitement of Hyundai Blue Link!

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