What is Hyundai Blue Link®?

Technology's rushing headlong into a bright future. As a result, the driving experience is becoming a seamless blend of cutting-edge capabilities that extend well beyond merely heading from point A to point B. Some aspects of the ride, you could only enjoy from the driver's seat or compartment. Others were yet unthinkable. But today, many features have come together in a way that revolutionizes it all. Hyundai Blue Link is just such a comprehensive suite. But what comprises it? The answer to that might suggest a lot to process. However, we at Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg have made it easy! Join us for a virtual tour.

First, a simple definition. Blue Link is, first and foremost, an app for your Android or Apple smartphone, Apple Watch, or Wear OS by Google smartwatch. It lets you access and control numerous Hyundai vehicle features remotely, even with help from a connected home device like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Better yet, it's complimentary for three years on most 2012 or later Hyundai vehicles as well as many new 2018 Hyundai models here at our Orlando-area dealer. All that's required afterward is a subscription to Hyundai Assurance Connected Care and Essentials services.

From there, you can use the app, or, with your virtual assistant device, voice commands, to remotely start, lock, or unlock your vehicle, set its cabin climate, activate its horn and lights, and more. Plus, you can run full vehicle diagnostics directly from your Hyundai touchscreen infotainment system, making it easy to make sure everything's in order under the hood (if it's not, you'll get a notification). Service Link capability then lets you schedule an auto service visit here at 9145 US Highway 441 with a touch of the button so named on your rearview mirror, with the details of what's going on automatically sent to us. You can even look forward to monthly reports and reminders via email when it's time for regular maintenance.

But that's not all. Is your Hyundai car or SUV navigation-equipped? The app also provides Destination Search powered by Google&#trade;. You can use it, or in-vehicle voice commands, to search for venues like restaurants, gas stations and more. The service then syncs with your nav system to pre-plan your route, so your vehicle's ready to go when it's time to pull out, and you can save destinations for quick future access.

Of course, there's more. For one, a Remote Car Finder feature that lets you drop a pin to remember where you parked, and, within a one-mile radius of your Hyundai, shows its exact location. Secondly, if you own a Hyundai plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle, you can control charging remotely as well as schedule it to take advantage of the best times and rates at which to do so. Further, the app makes locating your vehicle if it's stolen much simpler, providing local law enforcement with its location and immobilizing the engine until it can be recovered. You can even call upon first responders and roadside assistance when you need them, set up a geofence, provide curfew reminders and set speed alerts for new drivers, and set up a "panic button," an automatic text or email notification, to alert others when you're in need.

Best of all, provided proper equipment, you can enroll in Blue Link with Hyundai anytime you like. If you're eager to learn more, feel free to get in touch by phone or our Web form, or stop by, and we'll take you on a personal tour of your favorite Blue Link-equipped Hyundai vehicle. We're looking forward to a meet-and-greet!